Natural Hosemanship Devon
Horse jumping log

Ask yourself, if your horse was calmer, smarter, braver and more athletic what could you do together? Natural horsemanship is simply good horsemanship where you put the relationship with your horse first. This is achieved with ground skills as well as ridden skills. The aim of ground skills is to build trust and respect with your horse, to teach new things and for your horse to become more connected and responsive. When these things improve on the ground they will greatly enhance your riding. The two areas of ground skills are;

On line

On line training will create a strong bond between you and your horse. It will help you learn the principles of teaching.

At Liberty

When your horse has become strongly bonded with you it is time to test the strength of the relationship. Liberty is that test. Take off your horse's halter and do exactly the same as you did with the halter on. Will your horse stay with you and do as you ask?


Have you ever dreamed of riding bare back and bridless? It is not necessary to do this, however the skills required to get there are very important and will enhance all areas of your riding. If you have a completely independent seat so that you can stay with your horse wherever he goes you will start to develop much more of a partnership. The trust and communication that you have built with ground skills will mean that you can also ride in a rope halter, hackamore and eventually with nothing at all on your horse's head. Learn how to stop, turn, backup, jump your horse with just a thought.

Developing these riding skills will greatly help you ride your horse with precision. They will greatly improve your performance whether it is dressage, show jumping, eventing, le trec, endurance, racing, polo, hacking, anything. Once you are able to communicate with a calm, responsive horse without a bridle you will be ready to refine that communication using a contact with a bit in a way that is comfortable for the horse and that he will understand.