Natural Hosemanship Devon

Horses! I got involved at the age of 35 after years of windsurfing, triathlons and other sports. I was inspired by the Arab Horse Society Marathon and, 8 years after first sitting on a horse, I completed the Marathon in 2003. A great year as I also married Emily and started natural horsemanship. Very quickly my Anglo Arab became a calmer, easier horse. I continued competing in advanced endurance and was then the only person race riding in a natural (rope) hackamore.

I found myself helping lots of people with horsemanship problems. I started several horses and even spent 3 months on a farm in Tanzania starting horses and introducing natural horsemanship.

After developing our horsemanship with home study and residential courses we took the first course in the UK to access the Parelli Professional pathway. This was in 2010 and we were awarded scholarships to study at the US Parelli ranches as externs. We spent three months in Florida and Colorado in 2011. Soon after we achieved level 4 horsemanship and 2 star instructor status.

Having both been licensed Parelli Professionals for 5 years we felt it was time to explore further opportunities. Emily chose to concentrate on her horsemanship and competing, whilst I continue to teach. We are both still dedicated students of Parelli and regularly take the opportunity to study with other high level instructors of natural horsemanship. I will always continue to develop my own horsemanship.

As well as teaching horsemanship for 5 years I have many more years experience instructing practical subjects. I was an RYA open sea windsurf instructor. The last seven years of my previous career after many years as a casual trainer I became a training manager, later setting up a specialist learning development unit. The majority of subjects I taught were practical based skills. I sought to improve my training abilities by completing a certificate in education and studying NLP.

I am passionate about helping you with your journey with your horse. Being an independent instructor I can now offer a lot more.

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